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my Mission

To provide an online income opportunity where you can Earn while you Learn by providing a complete business system with full training and support.

My goal is to assist you to work Smarter not Harder to create a life with time freedom, flexibility and balance.

Spend more time doing the things you love.

"I truly believe if you want to be successful you will be. That’s how I choose to live my life."
- Breda Pickering

about me

I retired from a very successful Corporate career when I was 35, which was a goal I set when I left University. I was then a Director in a very large successful U.S. multinational with 450 people reporting to me.

I would contribute a lot of my success in the Corporate World to my belief in myself, hard work, my passion for Personal Development and appetite for learning in general. I started out working in a male dominated technical environment. Some people told me it was a bad move because I would have to be twice as good as any male counter part to be successful. Maybe that was the case but I never felt that I was not equal or less worthy than anyone else. This belief helped to propel me forward because I did not have self-limiting beliefs. I saw many people hold themselves back because they resigned themselves to the fact that someone else would get “that promotion”. I never look at things that way, life may not always be fair, but I sure as hell am not going to tip the balance in anyone else’s favour by not believing that I can do anything I set my mind to.

Achieving success is a challenge, but it’s about making a decision to take that step in the direction you want to go and then committing to finishing the job. It’s about taking control of your life. For me it’s also about being true to yourself and maintaining your integrity with others.

Sharpen Your Focus

One thing I have always focused on is being in control of the things I can control, and not getting caught up in the things I can’t.

Many people don’t move forward because they are too busy looking at things they can’t control.

Self Belief is Key

We should all want to achieve success and if we don’t we are wasting a great opportunity in this great planet of ours.

Whatever success you crave – you can achieve it– all you need is that passion, belief that you can do it and the action required to finish the job.

Extraordinary Experience

I have been running my online business for over 8 years now and apart from the financial benefits I have learned so much about online business and marketing. In addition I have had life changing results from our online courses and from attending life in person events.

Let me help you to see if this business is a good fit for you.

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