frequently asked questions

How do I know if I am qualified to start in this business?

You need to have your own computer, phone, basic computer skills, internet connection and the desire to change your life. ONLY someone that wants to realistically change their life and financial status immediately should call. If you do not have these desires then this IS NOT for you.

On a scale of 1 to 10, what is the difficulty level of running this business?

With 10 being the most difficult and 1 being the simplest, out of all the businesses I have ever run or owned, I would say for most everyone, it would be a 1. The business is simple because there is a system in place that you can follow in order to achieve success. However, that does not mean that it is a free ride – everything in life that is worthwhile takes a serious effort.

Is training and support provided?

Absolutely. Along with live training and the information on all the websites, you will be totally informed and never left on your own. We all work as a team; you won’t be left on your own ever. Your success will be achieved with mentoring by me and other entrepreneurs who have already achieved financial success while working from home.

Are there any other costs in running this business?

Yes, anyone who tells you that it doesn’t take money to build a business is lying to you. This is a business that can generate a substantial income. Most businesses show only a small percentage as profit and the rest is business expenses. The difference here is with this business, because of its immediate high cash flow potential, you can pay for all of your expenses and still have a huge net profit left over.

Will I get help with advertising my business?

Yes, most definitely. We provide great training in Online Marketing. So, along with my guidance and all the reference material you will have access to, you will have no trouble advertising your business and generating new leads.

How much time does this business require?

Working 10-15 hours part-time or 20-30 hours full-time is all it takes. Leverage your time, choose your own hours, and take holidays whenever you wish. Work from home, from the beach, wherever you choose. We recommend that you have a few hours a day available and be consistent.

How difficult is this business?

The marketing system does most of the initial work for you! There is virtually NO personal explaining involved. We have ELIMINATED most of the things that people struggle with in their own business.

  • No cold calling.
  • No personal explaining.
  • No “recruiting” friends and family.
  • No stress! RELAX and take a nap this afternoon!
Is this Multi-Level Marketing?

No it is not, MLM is such a great concept but has no real structure and it is always much harder and takes a lot longer then they say it does.

How do I know if this is “too good to be true”?

In my opinion “too good to be true” would be if I were to tell you that everyone you talked to would be throwing money at you. This is a real, legitimate, Internet marketing system. The system works perfectly as long as you follow it exactly. You will see for yourself EXACTLY how it works. Yes, there is work involved. What really matters the most is YOUR level of desire.

Can I Ask You for Advice?

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All of this WITHOUT:

  • Franchise fees of $100,000 to $500,000 that don’t even come with a guaranteed income.
  • Waiting four-years until your business clears a profit. It’s up to you and your efforts.
  • Overhead, hassle, of hiring staff or an expensive office.
  • Working 60-80 hours a week or being a slave to your business.

Working 10-15 hours per week part-time or 20-30 hours per week full-time is all it takes.